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The development trend of the glass industry

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With the development of market economy, the improvement of people’s living standards, increased environmental awareness, float glass demand growth is high quality float glass sheet and a new energysaving glass will become the new star on the market. Conservative forecast, according to experts in relevant areas: the market in the next 20 years, highgrade glass and demand roughly as follows: 2005 demand: 065 million weight cases; 2010 demand: 150 million weight cases; 2020 demand: 1. 900 million weight cases. Every five years, the rate of increase of 169%, 136%, 127%, showing the great potential of high quality float glass market development space. To this end, high-end development of high quality glass sector in the Chinese market is still optimistic attitude.


      From Shanghai to see the country, an infinite space for development. Arranged according to the National "Tenth Five-Year Plan, China’s urban housing construction 2 billion square meters of rural housing construction in the eight billion square meters, is the country each year to build two billion square meters of residential, Shanghai proportion of only 1%. Shows that the Chinese building materials market development space has great potential. Highquality float glass in China will bring the next five to 10 years of continued good momentum of development. Expert analysis, the next 10 years, the real estate sector in China will be the lion’s share of the construction industry with high-grade float glass will continue to dominate the market.

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