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First SGE Technical Seminar -Measured Success

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Safety glass industry professionals from different companies around the globe took part a Real Technical Seminar about glass processing organized by Safety Glass Experts International Ltd in Dusseldorf on 22nd of October a day prior to Glasstec 2012 show. The Seminar was targeted to safety glass professionals to exploit and learn more about tempering and gravity bending processes. The seminar presenters, Mr. Jonathan Barr and Mr. Mika Eronen competence as true professionals in their own areas of expertise was proven by the participant survey results. Both experts were pleased to share their knowledge to active participants and therefore the seminar was full of interaction, open discussions and finally networking among professionals from different companies, countries and segments of safety glass industry.

Technical seminar exceeded expectations and beyond. Every seat was sold out in advance and seminar was interactive session throughout the day. Every participant got a full package of hands-on information including minimum 80 lesson slides that can be used later as a backup. Overall satisfaction rate of the event was 8,1 scale being 1-10, where 10 presents excellent.

Here are few examples of participants' comments of the day and most memorable topics.

Participant feedback:

  • Learnt a lot; got good and new insight to the important processes of glass bending and the impact on following processes such as lamination.
  • An excellent overview in relatively simple language
  • Topics that were most memorable of the day:
  • Fundamental process controlling and general infos
  • Bending and complex curvature and heating element distributions
  • Temperature and quench pressure
  • Heating element configurations
  • Compression of surface examples i.e. tempered definitions Tempering

Source: www.sge.fiAuthor: shangyi

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