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What People Can Expect From Car Manufacturers In The Future

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The technological increases that smartphones and tablets are making coupled with the never ending surge in popularity of social media is beginning to show in slower to change car manufacturers.

Car manufacturers like Chevrolet, BMW, Porsche Hyundai and Cadillac are trying to incorporate recent advances in technology into their future models.


Things like the smartphone inspired interface, where your dashboard will have movable items instead of static ones, items that you can arrange in order of what you consider important will probably come with the 2014 Chevy Impala.


Windshield display technology is also advancing and several car manufacturers will include things like direction, navigation and speed in the windshield without making drivers take their eyes off the road. This technology is present on a lot of expensive cars but it should make its way into the consumer models in the next couple of years.


Music that goes along with your mood is another thing car manufacturers are working at. A program that has close to 20 mood squares that when tapped can go from clam and relaxing music to energetic fast music to match the mood of the driver is going to be something cars will come with in the following years.

Another thing that is being worked on is the self-driving cars that can make traffic and parking a lot easier. Car manufacturers like Google and Audi are making progress but as there is a lot of legislation that has to be changed, this might be an innovation most people will have to wait a while for before they will have it in their everyday car

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