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Serbot presents new cleaning solution for solar power plants

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Together with Belectric – a leading photovoltaic system integrator – the technology company Serbot AG has developed a cleaning robot which it has presented to the general public for the first time. The GEKKO Solar Farm was designed specifically to clean freefield solar power plants and can clean entire panel rows in one pass. Even at Central European latitudes, efficiency increases of 10 to 20 percent can be achieved through regular cleaning of solar panels.

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The GEKKO Solar Farm cleans up to 2000 m2 of panel area per hour.

With a standard speed of over 300 meters per hour and a maximum width of almost 7 meters, the robot can clean over 2000 square meters per hour. Multiple process-controlled, non-slip rubber suction cups secure themselves to the panel and move the device forward. Specially developed software coordinates the complex movement procedure for each vacuum suction cup. The GEKKO Solar Farm is controlled by default using a simple remote-control joystick. The electronic automatically ensures that the robot maintains its course when at an angle on panel rows and doesn’t drift off course – a crucial safety aspect.

Thanks to its proven soft-brush technology, the ingenious cleaning system ensures panels are cleaned carefully and with optimal results. The GEKKO Solar Farm uses eco-friendly, demineralized water and excels thanks to its low water consumption of just five liters per minute. “This is an enormous advantage, especially in areas where little or no water is available”, says Hansjörg Schindler, Sales Manager at Serbot AG, highlighting just one of the new system’s many plus-points. Belectric is extremely happy with the fruits of the collaboration. The system can further increase the performance of panels in solar power plants by offering an efficient cleaning service.
Thanks to its highly flexible design, the robot can be adapted to suit different cleaning widths and the tools can be configured to the customer’s specific needs for different panels. This makes the GEKKO Solar Farm unique.


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The entire width can be cleaned in one pass.

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Optional vehicle to transport and transfer the robot.


Serbot AG is a leading Swiss technology company in the field of advanced service robots and moving systems. It‘s innovations have achieved several rewards. Serbot develops and produces intelligent robot systems to clean sophisticated surfaces such as photovoltaic solar panels, large glass facades, oil tanks, ships, etc. In order to do so, Serbot robots attach themselves to any more or less smooth surface with their movable suction cups permitting maneuvers in all directions, even on vertical or overhanging areas. The lightweight construction of the robots allows for cleaning operations in an eco-friendly and efficient way, even on delicate surfaces like solar panels. Other than the patented robot systems, the product range of Serbot AG also comprises facade lifts and gondola systems. Serbot AG so far mainly covers the European market, but is extending more and more into Middle East and Asia. Serbot AG together with the German affiliate Woko, is part of the group Heppenstall Technology, which is well known for their heavy duty material handling equipment.

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