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Vino2Go Portable Wine Glass

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I am quite sure that we have all heard of coffee to go, especially with the number of tumblers from Starbucks and other gourmet coffee chains, but who would have actually ordered a glass of wine to go? Certainly not on this side of town, as most of the time, the entire glass will be consumed before one drives home. Things will certainly change with the introduction of the £14.99 Vino2Go Portable Wine Glass, where it comes in Business Black, Merlot Red and Verde Green shades. Definitely far classier than a mug or a bucket, it also guarantees no danger of broken glass or spillage, and will be more than accommodating for both chilled or mulled wine.


In addition, there is a slide-action seal to ensure that your glass of wine will remain as fresh as possible when you arrive at your destination, although we would not recommend you drinking along the way since there might be a need to explain to the highway patrol officer who pulls you over. Patience is always rewarding, my friends, and to know that the £14.99 Vino2Go Portable Wine Glass has been endorsed by numerous enterprising winos is a comforting thought.

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