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Sono-Tek Corporation

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Sono-Tek Corporation was founded in 1975 by Dr. Harvey L. Berger, Ph.D. (Inventor of the ultrasonic nozzle)

The first ultrasonic nozzles were developed for use in oil burners and subsequently for the development

of liquid fuel burners contracted by the U.S. Military for use in portable power generation equipment

Sono-Tek designs, manufactures, installs and services precision ultrasonic spraying systems for a myriad of industries and applications worldwide. Our patented technologies produce micron size uniform droplets, creating ultra thin layers onto any size or shape substrate. Our state of the art spray systems are environmentally friendly, low maintenance, cost effective and highly efficient.


Our proprietary coating systems have replaced or improved thousands of inefficient traditional coating machines in industries such as printed circuit board fluxing, electronics photoresist deposition, medical device coatings, and nanocoatings onto glass and textiles. In recent years, Sono-Tek has introduced our ultrasonic technology into many new markets, including advanced energy applications such as silicon and thin film solar cell manufacturing, fuel cell coatings and ultrasonic coatings for food and food packaging. We are proud to be a world leader in precision thin film coating systems that are environmentally-friendly and offer many key advantages over other coating methods.


Sono-Tek has an extensive line of spray coating machines, from small area R&D systems to wide area systems that can be integrated into production lines or provided as standalone equipment. We have technologies designed to coat large area moving webs several meters across and precision nozzles designed to coat components as thin as a human hair. Companies who begin their development phases with our ExactaCoat or FlexiCoat programmable coating systems return to us when it’s time to increase their production volumes for global distribution. High volume ultrasonic coating systems such as our high speed reciprocator – HyperSonic, and our large area WideTrack systems, enable customers to take their proven processes to higher production levels seamlessly, with continued support from Sono-Tek’s team of ultrasonic coating experts.


Improving manufacturing processes is not just something we strive for at Sono-Tek, it’s our business. Improved transfer efficiency and uniformity, improved quality functional coatings, and improved savings in raw materials and energy costs for customers are daily expectations of our equipment and our company. When patient care professionals use stents or other implantable medical devices that have been sprayed with antibacterial solutions or anti-restinosis drugs in one of our MediCoat systems, we know those patients are receiving the best quality medical coatings available. As alternative energy devices become commonplace around the globe, we know that Sono-Tek coating systems have played a part in refining the manufacturing processes needed to develop those technologies and bring them from concept to market, often at a fraction of the cost of other deposition methods



Source: http://www.sono-tek.com/about-us/Author: shangyi

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