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Fairmount Glass Works/Fairmount Glass Company

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Fairmount, Indiana (1889-1906) &  Indianapolis, Indiana (c.1906-1968).


Three identification marks were used on their containers:


FGW mark used by Fairmount Glass Works

F G W: Period of use uncertain…………. perhaps from c.1898 to approximately 1920?


F:   Circa 1920 to 1933.    (Note: Shards of certain bottles (such as hand-blown strap-side whiskey flasks) with an “F” on the base, undoubtedly of a much earlier vintage, have been found at the site of the Lyndeborough Glass Company, South Lyndeborough, New Hampshire (1866-1888) and obviously are not related to Fairmount.  In those cases the “F” may be a “shop letter” and was possibly used by a specific group of workers, i.e. “shop” of glassblowers at Lyndeboro.  This is also true of certain early handmade strapside flasks with an “S” on the base which are found at Lyndeboro).


F in a hexagon: Used circa 1933 to 1968.  Commonly seen on the bottom of many amber-colored medicine, chemical, and other types of generic “packer” jars and bottles that were produced in large quantities during the 1940s, 1950s and ’60s.    In 1968 Fairmount became part of Glass Containers, Inc. (see G C mark on this page).


Fairmount made alot of containers in clear and aqua, but also made very large quantities of amber colored glass. They produced some of the amber “fish bottles” of the 1920s which originally contained Cod Liver Oil or a similar product.  These bottles carry the plain “F” mark on the base along with mold and bottle style numbers.


Source: http://www.glassbottlemarks.com/fairmount-glass-woAuthor: shangyi

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