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Fire-Resistant glazing from Pilkington UK Ltd

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The wide range of modern functional glazing now available has opened up remarkable scope for creative design in today’s architecture. Transparent designs facilitated through the replacement of solid roofs and introduction of entire glass façades and partition walling is no longer just a vision.    


State-of-the-art glazing can now be used in high performance designs to provide a protected yet comfortable and versatile building environment. And giving homeowners and architects that flexibility and freedom to incorporate glass into their designs, Pilkington offers an extensive range of glazing products ranging from low-emissivity glass, through to fire-resistant solutions.


Leading the way in fire-resitant glazing, Pilkingnton delivers a wide range of tried, tested and trusted glass options that vary in levels of protection, to suit every kind of property and requirement – each considering the building risk profile, the occupancy characteristics and most importantly the fire safety requirements.


Providing passive protection from the effects of fire for up to 180 minutes, Pilkington UK Ltd provides five different innovative glass products, which include: Pilkginton Pyrostop®, Pilkington Pyroclear®, Pilkington Pyrodur® and Pyrodur® Plus, as well as Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2.


Pilkington Pyroshield®


Providing the backbone of the fire-resistant glazing range, Pilkington Pyroshield®, a monolithic glass product and benefits from an integral wire mesh that sits within the body of the glass.


The incorporation of its wire mesh structure helps hold the glass together when exposed to fire, which it does reliably and robustly until the glass melts.


Offering reliable intergrity fire-resistant performance, this glazing solution can be used both internally and externally, and in a wide range of applications, including doors, screens, fanlights, as well as overhead glazing.


Pilkington Pyroclear®

Pilkington Pyroclear®, is a newly introduced advanced toughened fire-resistant glass product developed by Pilkington.


Ideal for application where clear integrity glazing is required, Pilkington Pyroclear™ is a robust  physical barrier that protects against fire, smoke and fumes for up to 60 minutes.


Pilkington Pyroclear®, manufactured to high quality control standards, combines the best available expertise in both automotive and architectural premium glass processing as well as benfiting from NSG proprietary technology combined with new research and design insights on the failure of advanced toughened glass in fire.


For more information on any of the glass products mentioned above, or to learn more about the extensive fire resistant glazing range, click here.

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