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Old Morgantown Glass Collectors Gild Hosts 24th Convention Show

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Westover, WV - The Convention Show and Sale of Morgantown allows the public to purchase and learn about elegant depression glass.


The Old Morgantown Glass Collectors Gild has been holding the event for the public for 24 years.


Several different vendors come to the event at the Westover VFW from across the US on Sunday.


The show and sale is special because of the history and type of glass from the Morgantown area.


"Morgantown glass was special because of the gem-like quality of the colors of their glass," said Joanne Reilly, the Vice President of the Old Morgantown Glass Collectors Gild. "Most of the factories from this area are now out of business. There's only one more left in Morgantown, all the rest are gone. It's part of Morgantown's heritage that needs to be saved."


The event helps the group raise money to re-open the museum at the Seneca Center to display Morgantown glass.


Next year's show is already scheduled for June 6 and June 7 at the Westover VFW.


Source: http://www.wboy.com/story/22480953/old-morgantown-Author: shangyi

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