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Longhao Company Ensure The Production Smoothly, Realize 9.99 Million Yuan Profit

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Recently, Longhao Company took repair measure on two production lines to make sure that the production could be continued to be under the way smoothly.

These two glass production lines began to be put into production in 2005. now, they have been operating for four years. In order to minimize production costs, the production line always used coal as fuel. However, coal’s calorific value is lower than heavy oil, and made more damage to the furnace. What’s more, the company frequently changed glass varieties for meeting the demand of the market, which made the temperature in the furnace changed greatly. As a result, many parts of the furnace were damaged, which brought certain difficulties to the production.

Since the second half year, Longhao Company increased the strength of the repair work. The company checked the important parts of the furnace regularly and planed to schedule and organize the work of hot-repair. During the hot-repair, combined with the reality, the company strengthened the scientific use of the furnace and adjusted process parameters in time, strictly controlled the process operation and tried its best to reduce the production fluctuations. Because of these movements, Longhao Company realized the profit of 9.9925 million yuan during July and August.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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