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Dental Clinic with special flair - The atmosphere can conduce to success

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To still the patient’s fear of an upcoming medical inspection or operation is an important and challenging task for many doctors. The atmosphere can conduce to success – and this is where Thiele Glas may offer an important advantage.  


Especially in architecture glass conveys an outstanding elegance and gives every object a premium look. If you additionally use the implementation of colours for your ideas a place that frightens many people, such as a dental clinic, can easily be changed in a comfortable place. No matter if you have a look at the clinic of Dr. Arendt in Ansbach or the dental clinics in the emperor’s hall in Berlin – you will see that the right interior not only looks great but is also fascinating. Therewith you can take your patient’s mind off their concerns – nervousness and fear will be forgotten.

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With modern and colour-coordinated room concepts you can mark yourself off from monotonous interior design. Show exclusivity and uniqueness so your patients feel well right from the moment they enter your clinic.

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How the right application of glass can make the dental visit a royal experience you can see at our new reference: The dental clinic in the emperor’s hall in Berlin.

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