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  • A new color DARK GREY of patterned glass online now ,firstly it is the grey karatachi ,now offer the pictures as following ,please check ,welcome yours inquiry .

  • It is our business from May to Nov every year . New machine delivery time about 40 working days now . Now we have one set 11 spindles straight line beveling machine ,one set 12 spindles straight

  • During 7th to 10th Dec 2017, we will join 2017 ZAK GLASS TECHNOLOGY in Mumbai. Welcome all new clients and old clients . We take part in this exhibition from 2009 . In the last 10 years, we

  • In the nature the glass exists :-It can come from :-volcanoThe obsidian (generally green or black) has been us

  • Glass cutting machine automatically flow into the tank, open the tank, remove the water pump to remove dirt Pump. The water tank clean, replace good circulating water, the pump reverts back to the tan

  • 1.Glass is not a good conductor of heat, so please don't laminate different thickness of glasses at the sa

  • Sep 22,2017

    Nanjing Flourish Glass is a giant group company with three factories located in Nanjing, Wuxi and Jinan, producing tempered glass, laminated glass...

  • Sep 22,2017

    Nanjing Flourish Machinery Co., Ltd specializes in glass cutting line and glass lamination production. We customize machine for you to help you success...

  • Sep 21,2017

     Enterprise Culture-----“Three Core Principles”:UNIT: All of the staffs in Huakai unite in one, and work together to embrace the bright futureCONCERN: All employees care about each other, love ea

  • Established in 2005, Dongguan City Bolang Diamond Tools Co.ltd is a technology company specialized in researchin...

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