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Equip’ Baie

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    Equip’ Baie
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    2010/11/16 to 2010/11/19
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    International Exhibitions
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    Equip’ Baie

    13th Paris Door, Window and Curtain Wall Fair

    Date: November 16-19, 2010

    Place: Versailles Exhibition Center, Paris, France


    Scope: Aluminum door and window, wooden door and window, plastic door and window, mixed door and window, Italian Door and window, France door and window, complex material door and window, shutter, etc. engraving glass, heat and sound insulation glass, decoration glass, sealant, glue, sealing materials, etc.


    Introduction of last fair

    In the last fair, it had 23620 visitors; eighty nine percent comes from France, eleven percent comes from others countries of European Union and Africa. All the exhibitors were 469. The area of fair is 500000 square meters.


    There are many famous enterprises joined in Equip’ Baie, such as, SOMFYLAKALMARQUISESDYNASORE and PREFAL, etc. As a professional exhibition, Equip’ Baie is a leading fair of door and window industry in the world. It is a shortsut to European market.


    Organizer: China International Trading Developing Commission Construction Branch

    Add: Construction Building, No.9, Sanlihe Road, Beijing City

    Contact: 138-1109-5109 

    Fax: 010-58933930

    Email: bjmiaomiao84@hotmail.com

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