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2008 China (Shanghai) International Glass Industry Exhibition of New Technology

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    2008 China (Shanghai) International Glass Industry Exhibition of New Technology
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    2008/10/10 to 2008/10/12
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    International Exhibitions
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    2008 China (Shanghai) International Glass Industry Exhibition of New Technology

    Time: 10.10.2008 – 12.10.2008

    Location: Guangda Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China

    Approving Units:
    The Business Department of People’s Republic of China

    Hosting Units:
    The Glass Branch of China Light Industry Machinery Association
    China Light Industry Machinery Association
    China International Economic Cooperation Association

    Beijiang Shiji Jiaye Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Media Support:

    China Glass Network
    Jialong International Glass Purchasing Network
    China Automobile Glass Network
    Chinese Machinery Network
    Curtain Wall and Window Purchasing Network
    China Glass Industry Network
    China window on-line
    “Glass Industry”  
    China Curtain Wall Network  
    Global Glass Network
    China Printing Machinery network

    2007 Fourth China (Beijing) International Glass Industry Exhibition of New Technology Product and Equipment” has successfully held in Beijing, and the exhibition won the participation and full support from enterprises both at home and abroad. 2008 China (Shanghai) International Glass Industry Exhibition of New Technology will be held in Guangda Exhibition Center, Shanghai, where the latest international products, technology and related service will be displayed. Along with the rapid development of domestic glass deep processing industry and increasing demand for high-quality glass, this exhibition will strengthen the communication among industry insiders with the purpose for enabling various companies to well understand the industry trend. Welcome your attendance for creating different 2008! 

    1,Reporting: October 8th to 9th , 2008 (8:30—17:00)
    2, Opening Ceremony: October 10th, 2008 (9:30 Am)
    3, Displaying: October 10th to 12th , 2008 (9:00—16:30)
    4, Closing ceremony: October 12th , 2008 (16: 00 )

    Exhibition Profile:

    1, Application of glass and glass products.

    (1) Architectural glass and decorative glass, safety glass, security glass, bulletproof glass, intelligent glass, light-controlling glass, fire-assistance glass, coated glass, glass tiles, mosaic glass and furniture glass…etc.

    (2) Energy-saving glass window and accessories: all sorts of glasses, various materials and accessories.

    (3) Hardware tools: knives, drill bits, glass tongs, grooved bit;

    (4)Industrial Glass: cars, trains, aircraft, marine glass, anti-reflection glass, tempered glass, glass medicine and Instrumentation, PMMA, magnetron glass, glass tube;

    (5) Electronic and electrical source glass: glass substrate and efficient energy-saving lamps, auto lights, various lighting;

    (6) Special Glass: quartz glass, optical glass, glass Biological and Radiation glass, glass-ceramic, laser glass, Foam glass;

    (7) Art glass

    (8) Daily glass products: glass furniture, Container Glass and other glassware.

    2. Glass deep processing machinery abrasives and glass production line (1) various cutting, milling, drilling, sandblasting and cleaning, and other processing machinery;

    (2) Steel, Bends, dissecting, coating, hollow, stamped, windows and other production equipment and related control equipment;

    (3) Glass surface research, throwing equipment;

    (4) Abrasives, knives and other glass processing tools

    3. Glass production technology and equipment, instrumentation and testing devices, automatic control systems and auxiliary systems

    (1) Mining, Beneficiation, batching, mixing materials, weighing, material handling systems and equipment;

    (2) Combustion technology, combustion devices, Lance, nozzles and other energy-saving technologies and equipment;

    (3) Raw materials, semi-finished and finished physical and chemical properties of detection apparatus and equipment;

    (4) Various glass processing of automatic detection and control system; (5) Environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of the facilities.

    4. Raw materials, fireproof materials and auxiliary materials

    (1) Various high-grade fireproofing materials; mineral raw materials and chemicals;

    (2) Various grinding, and the activation of Frosted glass surface materials;

    (3) our (senior) glass membrane function,

    (4) The polymer resin, film, sealants, desiccant, Binder;

    (5) The metals and precious metals and products;

    (6) Various coatings, colorants and pigments.

    Visiting Enterprises:

    1,Municiple construction units, utilities, quality detection units, the trade organizations or association, society of the domestic and foreign commerce chambers, real estate development companies, real estate agents, mines and factories, properties management companies.

    2. Research units: Architectural, engineering design, economic and architectural design, construction, decoration; Design Institute, the Research Institute colleges;

    3. Traders: import and export companies, equipment manufacturers, distributors, agents, procurement and supply of raw materials such as glass business sector counterparts.

    4. Public audience: professional journals, the media and news agencies, enterprises, institutions, Banks, hotels, etc... Extension activities organizers welcome exhibitors at the exhibition held during the technical exchanges, product promotion and trade talks, seminars, technical

    The exhibition Activities:

    The hosting units will welcome the exhibitors to organize the Technique Exchange Conference, Product Promotion Meeting and Trade Fair to carry out the technique exchange activity. And the hosting units will actively assist in services of organizing audiences and to fully create the business opportunities.

    Charging Standards: 

    Nature of enterprises

    Domestic Enterprise

    International Enterprises

    Joint ventures


    Exhibition Booth

    7800 yuan per booth

    8800 yuan per booth

    13800 yuan per booth

    2800 US Dollars per booth

    Only Booth

    800 yuan/sq m

    900 yuan / sq m

    1380 / sq m


    Advocacy organizations:

    1, bringing key public and professional media together at the press conference,

    2, Office development through long-term accumulation of the vast network of customers, domestic and international publicity

    3, printing 500,000 tickets, 300,000 cards through to the organizing committee at the sub-wholesale merchants;

    4, through television, radio, newspapers, professional journals, Terms of comprehensive publicity to strongly promote;

    5, choose the similar professional exhibitions with the scale and impact to conduct promotion and organization of visitors across the board,

    6, By using of foreign agencies in china for promotion (including the embassy / Chamber of Commerce / trade organizations).

    Exhibition services:

    1, for exhibits transport, customs, provide preferential accommodation, tourism, substituting scheduled aircraft, train tickets;

    2. Providing vouchers for free developer invited customers to use free of charge within published 200-word Journal advertising;

    3. To apply one month in advance when the units in need of water, power electricity, compressed air.

    Contact Information:

    Mob: 0086-13611186355
    Fax: 86-10-68659979
    Tel.: 86-10-68631939

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