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2009 6th China (Beijing) International Glass Industry New Technology Exhibition

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    2009 6th China (Beijing) International Glass Industry New Technology Exhibition
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    2009/10/9 to 2009/10/11
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    International Exhibitions
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    Brief Introdution
    With the accelerated urban construction, and the needs of environmental protection and energy saving, the domestic demand of glass continues to growth and China's glass industry has made brilliant achievements. For responding to the call of the policy "promote the readjustment of the industrial structure, commence the enterprises to carry on scientific and technological innovation, develop recycling economy road", China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition has been successfully held five with a long-term attention and support by professional audience at home and abroad. So far, the Expo has obtained wide influence and appeal power.
    For strengthening the communication and cooperation between enterprises at home and abroad and further promoting industry advances in technology, 2009 6th China (Beijing) International Glass Industry New Technology Exhibition will be held in China International Exhibition Center. It will invite enterprises with high-tech and equipments. In line with the theme of " development comes from innovation, innovation creates value", the Expo will carry out many activities for enterprises creating more trade opportunities.
    Believe that the 2009 China International Glass Industrial New Technical Exhibition will be even more exciting!
    Glass China Light Industry Machinery Association Branch
    Institute of Chinese Arts and Crafts Glass Art Professional Committee
    China Glass Industry Association (Hong Kong)
    Beijing, China Building Materials Industry Association
    Beijing, China Building Industry Association of curtain walls and windows hardware
    Beijing Century JIAYE Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    Dahua International Exhibition (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
    Exhibition schedule:
    Arrangement: October 7-8, 2009 (9:00-17:00)
    Opening: October 9, 2009 (9:30)
    Display: October 9-11, 2009 (9:00-16:30)
    Closing: Oct 11, 2009 (16:00)
    Expo Scope:
    1. Glass, glass products application
    (1) Architectural and decorative glass, curtain wall glass, Low-E glass, heat-reflective glass, safety glass, pickproof glass, bulletproof glass and other glass
    (2) Energy-saving glass windows, doors and accessories;
    (3) Hard wares;
    (4) Industrial glass;
    (5) Electronic and electrical light glass;
    (6) Special glass;
    (7) Artistic glass;
    (8) Daily-use glass products.
    2. Glass deep-processing machinery and glass Abrasives Production Line
    (1) A variety of cutting, edging, drilling, sand carving, acid pickling and other processing machinery;
    (2) Steel, bend, laminate, coat, insulate, print and other production equipment and related automation equipment;
    (3) Glass surface grinding and casting equipment;
    (4) Abrasives, cutting tools and other tools for glass processing.
    3. Glass production technology and equipment, instrumentation and testing devices, automatic control system and ancillary systems
    (1) Mining, mineral processing, ingredients, mixture, weighing, material handling systems and various equipments;
    (2) Glass furnace design, melting, homogenization technologies, feeding, feeding machine, annealing furnace, bending heat furnace, working pool, crucible, etc.;
    (3) Combustion technology, combustion devices, spray gun, nozzles and other energy-saving technologies and equipments and forming equipments;
    (4) Sorting machines, stacking machines, machine shops, packing systems, cold-side equipments of transport and storage, etc.;
    (5) Computer and automation systems and software online automatic monitoring devices, etc.;
    (6) Raw materials, physical and chemical detection equipment and facilities of semi-finished and finished products' performance, as well as various processing glass with automatic detection and control system;
    (7) Environmental protection and comprehensive utilization facilities, industrial gases equipments and water purification systems;
    4. Raw materials, refractory materials and auxiliary materials
    (1) Various advanced refractory materials; minerals and other raw materials and chemical raw materials;
    (2) Various grinding, polishing, etching, frosted glass surface materials;
    (3) Various (Advanced) glass function membrane;
    (4) Polymers, resins, films, sealants, desiccant, lubricant and coolant silver paste, glue and adhesives;
    (5) Metals, precious metals and products;
    (6) Various coatings, coloring agents and pigments.
    Cost: 2 hours/court, Domestic enterprises: RMB10000yuan, Foreign enterprises: USD3000

    Joint venture
    Foreign-funded enterprises
    RMB 7800
    RMB 8800
    RMB 13800
    USD 3000
    RMB 10800
    RMB 11800
    RMB 18000
    USD 4000
    Vacant Land
    Rent from 36
    RMB 900/
    RMB 1380/
    USD 300/

    Note: If you choose to open double exhibitors booths, cost plus 20%.
    conference fee: 1000 yuan/participation. (For conference materials, lunch, souvenirs, etc.)
    Expo Journal and on-site advertisements:
    Cooperating with the exhibitors’ publicity, in order to let customers understand the exhibitors and know how to contact with them after the Expo, Organizing Committee will publish Expo Journal and provide 200 words AD for free for each exhibitor.

    Journal AD
    On-site AD
    RMB 18000
    RMB 8000
    Ticket 210mm×90mm
    RMB 8000/10000piece
    Back Cover
    RMB 15000
    Color Page
    RMB 5000
    Admission Ticket 88mm×125mm
    RMB 20000/10000piece
    RMB 10000
    Blank Page
    RMB 3000
    RMB 30000/10000piece
    Page specification210mm×285mm
    RMB 30000/exhibition

    Participation Procedures:
    1, carefully fill in the application and contract and affix official seal, then by fax or by mail to the organizing committee, the application form signed and sealed has contract validity. And it has effectiveness by posting, faxing or copying.
    2, after the organizing committee confirmed the applications, within seven working days, the cost of exhibitors (50% advance payment or the whole paragraph) will be paid to the Organizing Committee or mailed to the organizing committee.
    3, after receiving the exhibition costs the organizing committee will mail the invoice and Exhibitors Guide to exhibitors;
    4, booth allocation is in accordance with: "first apply, first pay, first arrange."
    Conference Organizing Committee Secretariat
    Address: 218 Room, Hua Yue Long Building, No.7 Jingyuan Rd, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China
    Post Code: 100043
    Tel: +86-10-68631939/68606749
    Fax: +86-10-68659979
    Contact: Yao Liang 13611186355

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