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Construtec 2012

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    Construtec 2012
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    2012/5/8 to 2012/05/11
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    International Exhibitions
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    Construtec 2012---Spain International Building Exhibition


    Exhibition Date: May 8-11, 2012

    Exhibition City: Madrid

    Venue: IFEMA (Feria de Madrid )

    Exhibition Cycle: Every Two Years

    Exhibition Type: International Exhibition


    Event Profile - Construtec

    The Construction in Spain is one of the most competitive and quickly developing branches. High demand and stabilization of the economy has created the favorable climate for intensive construction market development. It is an attractive opportunity for exporters looking to increase their business. There is no use to visit the whole Spain just plan a visit to Construtec-Building Exhibition where all Caucasian regions are represented.


    Visitors Profile

    Trade Visitors Only - Architects, Builders, Building Merchants, Building And Housing Institutes And Associations, Civil And Consulting Engineers, Financiers, Government Departments, Land And Quantity Surveyors, Planners, Plumbers, Property Developers, Specifiers.




    1)Isolation, Waterproofing and Paints


    2)Locksmithery and Metalwork


    3)Air Conditioning, Heating, Fireplaces and Accessories


    4)Elements for Wall Structures, Roofs and Covering


    5)Lifting and Transport


    6)Work Safety Equipment


    7)Informatics and Domotics


    8)Water, Gas, Sewage, Lightning, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications Installations and Services


    9)Wood(Carpentry, Inside Doors, Wood Flooring, Stairs, Wardrobes, Wooden Coffering, Wood Treatment and Maintenance)


    10)Machinery for Construction and Public Works


    11)Pavements and Covering


    12)Prefabrication and Industrialized Construction


    13)Precast Concrete (Concrete Reinforcement, Additions-Pigments, Aggregates)


    14)Renovation, Restoration and Integrated Projects


    15)Sanitary Ware and Bathrooms Fittings, Faucets, Accessories and Furniture




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