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2007 Exhibition of Automotive Glass, Auxiliary products and Manufacture Technology

  • Name

    2007 Exhibition of Automotive Glass, Auxiliary products and Manufacture Technology
  • Time

    2007/9/6 to 2007/09/08
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    International Exhibitions
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    Exhibiting scope:

    ◆Variety of Auto glass, laminated glass, toughened glass, regional toughened glass, green insulation glass, safety glass, anti-reflection glass, security glass, heat-reflective glass, coated glass, insulating glass, and float glass, plastics, glass, mirror glass system and Radiation glass, LCD electronic glass, glass lights -- light, frost-free glass, water glass, instrument glass, glass signal and energy-saving glass, self-cleaning glass, colored glass.


    deep processing machinery of glass; various processing machines such as: cutting, cleaning, milling, drilling, sprayed fisticuffs, coatings system mirrors, Bends, hollow, steel…etc.

    Glass production technology and equipment, instrumentation and control and testing complementary devices; Beneficiation, batching, mixing, Weighing systems and furnace, melting, annealing, Bends and burning technologies and equipment, computer control software system Smoothness auto glass and optical performance test equipment, glass raw materials and finished products and chemical properties of monitoring instruments and equipment.


    Installation and repair tools of auto glass and its supporting products;

    Various glass repair, cleaning, maintenance, and the surface treatment technology and equipment. Explosion-proof car glass film, adhesives, glass water, antifogging agents, lifts, rearview mirror, wiper, knives, tongs, Drilling and other abrasives.

    various raw materials, refractories and supporting material; Mineral raw materials and chemical raw materials, high performance refractories, various grinding, polishing surface material, the polymer film, sealants and metals products and various coatings, colorants and pigments.


    Exhibitors Note:

    1,In order to eliminate fake and shoddy commodities, exhibitors should provide business license, product quality, and other certification materials. And for the respect of intellectual property rights, exhibitors can only registered in the name of its own production and the use of the registered trademark of its own products, or authorized agent, selling products.

    2,The exhibitor is forbidden to transfer the booth. Once it is found, we will take away the exhibiting qualification.

    3,The enterprises should completed the “booth application form”, and stamped with the official seal before fax to the organizing committee.

    Besides, the exhibitor should remit the exhibition fee of one-off to the account designated by the General Assembly within 5 working days. And the conference will issue the exhibition confirmation after recognized the aptitude of the exhibitors.


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