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Glasstec 2012

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    Glasstec 2012
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    2012/10/23 to 2012/10/26
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    International Exhibitions
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    Exhibition Name:  Glasstec- International Trade Fair for Glass Production - Processing – Products 

    Opening Date: Oct. 23, 2012       

    Closing Date: Oct. 26, 2012

    Exhibition City: Venue: Dusseldorf Exhibition Center



    Exhibition Cycle: Every Two Years

    Exhibition Type: International Exhibition


    Exhibition Profile

    Glasstec– International Trade Fair for Glass Production - Processing – Products


    Exhibition Time: 23-26, Oct.2012

    Exhibition Location: Dusseldorf Exhibition Center

    Cycle: Every Two Years

    Organizer: Dusseldorf Exhibition Group

    China Contractor: Beijing Leadtop International Exhibition Co., Ltd.




    “Glasstec– International Trade Fair for Glass Production - Processing – Products” is not only the largest exposition in the world for the glass industry and suppliers, but also the most international event in the glass industry.

    CLASSTEC is the most excellent platform, which allows exhibitors release their latest products and foresee the ultramodern glass technology, additionally, shows the all to the global purchasers.

    As a result, the first glass exposition attracts numerous manufacturers around the word to exhibit and visit it, including manufacturers of glass machine, glass products, glass tools, glass artwork, glass hardware accessories etc, as well as manufacturers in photovoltaic industry.

    Since the establishment in 1970, the exposition has a history of 39 years, held every two years.



    1, Glass Products: float glass, flat glass, lead crystal, depict glass, fire-resistant glass, figured glass, light-controlling glass, hollow glass, insulated glass, mirror, colored glass, automobile glass, self-cleaning glass etc. 

     2, Glass Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment: glass mould, vacuum coated machine, glass kiln, washing machine, cutting machine, edge grinding machine, carving machine, drilling machine, sandblasting machine, beveling machine, unloading machine, material feeding machine, engraving machine, forming machine, filling machine, grooving machine, centrifuge, angle grinding machine, polishing machine, pressing machine, preloading machine, profiling mechanism, straight edge machine, tempering/laminating/hollowing equipment, mirrors machine, printing machine etc.

     3, Building Glass: window, reflective glass, K-type glass, E-type glass, laminated glass, glass furniture, glass brick etc.

     4, Glass Used in Medical Science & Technology: pharmaceutical bottle, optical glass, chemical equipment glass etc.

     5, Raw Materials of Glass Products: soda, silicate block, calcium oxide, aluminum, liquid glass, semi-finished products, adhesive, molecular sieve etc.


    Contact Information

    China Contractor: Beijing Leadtop International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    Contact Person: ZHOU Hui

    Tel: 010-68460726/68468046

    Fax: 010-68461026

    Email: leadtopchina@gmail.com

    Website: www.leadtopchina.com

    Address: No.5, Office Building, No.A38, Zengguang Road, Haidian District, Beijing City




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