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The 23th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition of 2012

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    The 23th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition of 2012
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    2012/4/2 to 2012/04/05
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    International Exhibitions
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    Name: The 23th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition of 2012

    Opening Date: Apr.2, 2012     

    Closing Date: Apr.5, 2012

    Exhibition City: Shanghai

    Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

    Organizer: China Silicate Association

    Contractor: Shanghai Silicate Association

    Period: Once A Year

    Type: Domestic Exhibition



    The 23th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition of 2012 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center during 2-5 Apr. 2012 on schedule. It is the most large-scale international glass exhibition with the support of the country, government departments relating to glass industry and National Industry Association. Also it is one of the three largest international glass exhibitions in the world.

    China Glass Exhibition provides a platform for technology communication, trade negotiation, business opportunities and economic cooperation to manufactures at home and abroad. Welcome to the China Glass Exhibition.


    Exhibits Range

    1. Glass products and application

    (1)Building and architectural glass processing products: float, rolled, patterned and grooved glass, ultra-white and noumenon colored glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, curtain wall glass, safety glass, fire-resistant glass, coated glass etc.

    (2)Building decoration glass: color printed glass, building neo-ceramic glass, glazed glass, stained glass, mirror glass, glass brick, glass tile, glass mosaic, glass furniture etc.

    (3)Energy-saving glass doors & windows and accessories: all kinds of glass ,  hollow & vacuum glass on the combination of surface modified glass, materials & fittings of various kinds of doors & windows, component of energy-saving glass doors & windows.

    (4)Industrial glass: safety glass used in the transportation, frost-resistant glass, anti-dazzle glass, medical glass, instrument glass, signal glass, glass tube.

    (5)Ware glass: tableware, cooking utensils, household utensils, craft vessels.

    (6) Bottle glass: cans, beverage, wine, cosmetics and other packaging glass.

    (7)Electronic glass: cathode ray tube, display monitor, substrate glass etc.

    (8)Special glass: quartz glass, laser glass, electrical & optical discoloring glass, electromagnetic shielded glass, optical glass, optical fiber, neo-ceramic glass, heat-resisting borosilicate glass, biological glass, radiation-resisting glass, foam glass, glass micro-balloon etc.

    (9) Art glass: mosaic, carved, sand blasted, laser engraved, stained and other cold processed glass, blow, casted, pressed, sintered & fold burned, hot melting, hot bending and all kinds of art glass by hot processing.

    (10)New energy glass: photoelectric conversion by glass substrate and new photo-thermal conversion energy glass, substrate manufacturing, modification and device processing technology.


    2. Glass production technology & equipment, instrument & detection equipment, automatic control and auxiliary systems.

    (1) Raw material acquisition, crushing, purification, tailings recovery technology, materials weighing & mixing equipment, briquetting, preheating, conveying system for assorted material.

    (2)Design of various kilns, refractory supporting technology, glass liquid melting & homogenizing technology, crucible, material supplied tunnel, roast kiln, material delivering and material supplying machines.

    (3)Combustion technology: including oxygen-full, oxygen enriched, local oxygen-full and hierarchical division, low NOX combustion technology, spray gun, nozzle and burning devices etc., other energy-saving technology & equipments.

    (4) Flue gas processing technology & equipment of melting furnace, waste gas 3R technology, SCR and SNCR technology etc.

    (5)Molding equipment: pull, roll, wired, tin slot, pulling edge machine, rank machine, compressor, pressuring & blowing machine, wire drawing machine, mould etc.

    (6)Annealing kiln system and supporting instruments etc..

    (7)glass and products cutting, separation, transportation, spreading papers, stacking, case packing , storage equipment and cold junction equipment etc.

    (8) Online automatic monitoring control system and device.

    (9) Physical & chemical properties testing instrument for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

    (10) Automatic detection and control system for various processed glass .

    (11)Recycle of byproducts & waste heat, purifying & environment protecting facilities of waste gas &water.

    (12) Industrial gases preparing technology.

    (13) Industrial purifying water equipment system.

    (14) Robot with all sorts of functions.

    (15) Automatic management system of factory and workshop.


    3. Glass processing technology and equipment.

    (1) All kinds of cutting, grinding side, grinding bevel edge, drilling, carving, sand blasting, cleaning, and processing machinery etc.

    (2)Enhancing, hot melting, interlayer, coating, hollow, mirror, patterned, doors& windows and other production equipments, automatic control system.

    (3) Grinding and polishing equipment of glass surface.

    (4) Grinding tools, knives and other glass processing tools.


    4. Fire-resisting materials, raw materials, various main & auxiliary materials

    (1)Refractory materials and related technology used in glass kiln, new environment friendly refractory material.

    (2)Mineral & chemical raw materials preparationpurifying technology and products.

    (3) Various materials for grinding, polishing, acid etching, gritting and activating on glass surface.

    (4) Relevant polymer, rubber sheet, resin, sealants, binder, desiccant, lubricant, coolant, silver paste etc..

    (5) Relevant metal, noble metal and metal products.

    (6)Various paint, colorant and pigment etc..


    Participation Fee

    Please inquire for details by phone!

    Advertising Cost

    Please inquire for details by phone!

    Exhibition Period

    Once a year.

    Exhibition Scale



    (1)During the exhibition, retail exhibits is strictly prohibited.

    (2)Both of the materials and facilities in the standard booth are only for leasing during the exhibition. Prohibit scoring, pasting, scribbling, punching and nailing on the display board. If it is damaged, the exhibitor shall make compensation according to the set price.

    (3)Pavilion or organizer has the right to eliminate or adjust the booth whose design doesn’t conform with exhibition building regulations or organizer’s construction guide. And all the expenses will be paid by the exhibitor.

    (4)Cost of water, electricity and compressed air used in demonstration equipment shall be paid to building company of home court. Please make  application in the participating registration, then provide it to the building company.

    (5)Within three months before the exhibition, if the exhibitors require to change the standard booths to the bare on one-sided, the booth rent will not be returned.

    (6)The exhibitors’ audio equipment volume should be strictly controlled below 70DB.


    The Rules

    (1)The organizer has the right to make adjustment on booth site according to exhibition’s general plan and actual exhibition scale.

    (2)The organizer sets up ‘Acceptance Office for Complaint about Exhibition Intellectual Property Rights’ according to Commerce Department’s requirement. If the exhibitor is complained for being suspect of violating others’ intellectual property right, at the same time, the complainant provides corresponding evidence, Party A is entitled to request exhibitor to remove or cover the exhibit, and the exhibitor shall obey unconditionally. If the exhibitor has objection, he can claim the complaint compensation after exhibition. If exhibitor refuses to do that, Party A can evacuate the exhibit by force. And the exhibitor affords the relevant cost for evacuation and accidental damage.

    (3)Exhibitors have the right to complain to  ‘Acceptance Office for Complaint about Exhibition Intellectual Property Rights’ for the exhibits being suspect of violating intellectual property right.

    (4)Without the Party A’s written consent, exhibitors can’t lease all or part of the booth to the Part C. In addition, exhibitors shall declare exhibits among the scope. If the exhibits aren’t among the exhibition scope, Party A shall have the right to cancel the participating qualification, terminate participation contract. Paid fee will not be returned.

    (5)The exhibitors must deliver exhibits to exhibition site on time and withdraw the exhibits in accordance with the arrangement time stipulated by the meeting conference. And the exhibitors can’t withdraw the exhibits for any reasons before the finish time.

    (6)The exhibitors shall assist pavilion and organizer’s safety & fireproofing principal with the relevant work to maintain safety of public, construction and fireproofing. Protect the fire fighting equipments and facilities in the public.

    (7)The exhibitors shall be responsible for the regional security and fireproofing work: 1)Be responsible for supervising decoration contractors and their staff to carry out the safety and fireproofing matters required by the pavilion and organizer during the exhibition. 2)Before the exhibition, report organizer its activities. If involving in safety and fireproofing matters, submit prevention measures. 3)Special booth should be constructed within the height & width provisions regulated by Party A. The exhibitors take the responsibility for construction safety quality. If booth collapsing, objects falling or fire causes damage on life or properties, the exhibitors shall bear the responsibility for compensation. But Party A shall not bear any liability for damages and joint liability. 4)Agree organizer and venue owner enter the exhibitors’ safety and fireproofing region to do emergency treatment in an emergency to ensure the safety of audiences’ lives and properties in the venue. 5)Safely use high power electrical equipment according to regulations.

    (8)The exhibitors shall design, decorate, exhibit & sell and dismantle in the stipulated time and rent booth range, can’t take up the exhibition channel and overhead. If exhibitors’ booth  range exceeds the above standard range, the organizer will issue a written violating notice, and not return the management deposit.

    (9)The exhibitors are responsible for all of the booth’s decoration, products display and transportation etc.

    (10)The organizer has the right to require the exhibitors to withdraw exhibits that are inflammable, explosive, poisonous and dangerous, interfering others’ normal business negotiations or any don’t conform to the exhibition requirements.

    (11)The exhibitors shall assist the organizers to do security work. If visitors, exhibition staff and the exhibits suffer risk, the organizers shall not be subjected to take economic loss or legal responsibility. The exhibitors shall buy insurance for expensive and delicate goods themselves.

    (12)If the force majeure, uncontrollable factor or the state & government’s behavior make the lessor can't or completely can't provide the site stated in the contract, then two parties may terminate the contract, but don’t take responsibility.

    (13)The exhibitors shall go to exhibition and sell goods (service), complying with the related laws and regulations, mandatory norms and standard requirements.

    (14)The pavilion rules will be the part of the exhibition rules, exhibitors should abide by it. If exhibitors damage or lost goods in the congress venue, the organizer reserves the right to claim compensation. When the pavilion regulations and rules are discrepant, we take the exhibition rules.

    (15)The organizer keeps the right of explaining, changing and amending the above rules. In order to hold the exhibition smoothly, the organizer can add terms and provisions. The organizer has the final explanation right for the rules and added terms. See other matters in the exhibitors manual etc. If the exhibitors breach the above requirements, the organizer reserves the right to withdraw its booth at the scene. And booth rental will not be returned.



    Contact Information

    Name: SUN Yuxia, XU Zhaowei, ZHAO Yuguang

    Tel: 010-57811258, 57811259

    Fax: 010-57811260

    Add: No.11, Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing

    Zip: 100831

    Email: ccscg@vip.sina.com

    Net: http://www.chinaglass-expo.com

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