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12 TH Moscow International Glass Industry Exhibition

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    12 TH Moscow International Glass Industry Exhibition
  • Time

    2011/6/8 to 2011/06/11
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    International Exhibitions
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  • Detailes

    Name: Mir Stekla

    Date: June 8 th to June 11 th

    Place: Expocentr Krasnaja Presnja, Moscow


    Glass product & accessory

    Glass materials, glass products, glass curtain wall, safety glass, bulletproof glass, hollow glass, vacuum glass, glass bottle, glass ware, glass hardware, tools, refractory.


    Glass processing machine

    Washing machine, cutting machine, edging machine, engraving machine, drilling machine, sandblasting machine, beveling machine, feeder, shaping machine, mixing machine, polishing machine, pressing machine, pre-pressing machine, straight line machine, coating machine, tempered/laminated/hollow equipment,  mirroring machine, printing machine, diamond wheel machine, polishing powder, glass mold, etc.


    Glass hardware tool

    Glass knife, driller, glass pliers, T shape ruler knife, driller, spray nozzler, etc.


    Glass logistics & service

    Moving techniques, package materials, transportation tools, glass software, glass consultation, glass testing, etc.



    Moscow International Glass Industry Exhibition was set up in 1999, which is held once a time each year. In 2008, its exhibition size is 8329 square meter, more than 396 exhibitors and 14335 visitors.

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