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China Glass 2021

  • Name

    China Glass 2021
  • Time

    2021/5/6 to 2021/05/09
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    International Exhibitions
  • Venue

    Shanghai, China
  • Detailes

    China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass), established in 1986, organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society, held alternatively in Beijing and Shanghai once a year, is the largest professional exhibition in the glass industry within the Asia-Pacific region.With cultivation and development in the past more than 30 years, China Glass is famous in the world and is with full independent intellectualproperty rights. It is the most commercially valuable exhibition in China's glass industry, and a platform for technology exchange and business negotiations.China Glass is not only an important basis referred by international consulting agencies for evaluating the development of glass market, but also becomes the barometer and wind-vane for the global glass industry.

    This exhibitionwill cover subjects in the complete industrial chain in the glass industry, including production technology and equipment, deep processing technology and equipment, production and application, refractory materials, raw and auxiliary materials, tools, accessories and ancillary equipment, inspection and detection technology, software and its related equipment. As one of the two largest professional glass exhibitions in the world, China Glass adheres to its philosophy of professional, international, and large-scale operation. It has been devoted to providing a communication platform for both domestic and foreign exhibitors, facilitating the innovation in glass industry, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of China’s glass industry for well development.

    On May 25, the 30th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2019) at China International Exhibition Center (new venue) was brought to a successful conclusion. The exhibition area of China Glass 2019 reached 106,800 square meters. It attracted all the main-stream manufacturers in glass industry. Totally 905 manufacturers (240 foreign manufacturers) from 28 countries and regions participated. It received 34,329 visitors from 66 countries, including 4,050 foreign visitors and dozens of professional buyer groups. During this event, 17 conferences, seminars, and exhibitor promotion activities were held, including the 2019 Forum on New Glass Technology and Application in Architecture. More than 20 professional media in the glass industry at home and abroad have reported on this show and all the forum activities in an all-round way.

    China Glass 2021 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), including 7 indoor exhibition halls. Various subjects will be displayed and allocated among the 7 exhibition halls: N1 for international brands, N2 for glass production, N3 for tempering furnace and refractory materials, N4, N5 and W5 for deep processing equipment, W4 for domestic glass, raw and auxiliary materials. Total exhibition area will exceed 90,000 square meters. It is expected to attract approximately more than 900 top enterprises and more than 40,000 professional visitors in the glass industry.

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