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23rd International Congress on Glass

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    23rd International Congress on Glass
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    2013/7/1 to 2013/07/05
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    International Exhibitions
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    Fair: 23rd International Congress on Glass


    Product :

    Glass transition and relaxation, entropy of glass, theoretical modeling

    Glass structure (computer modeling, experimental)

    New glasses (optical, mechanical, thermal, electrical, etc.)

    Metallic, organic and hybrid glasses

    Glass properties (optical, mechanical, thermal, electrical, etc.)

    Glass furnaces (modelling, properties, tayloring)

    Phase separation, nucleation, and crystallization

    Glass melting and forming

    Glass technology

    Furnace technology and refractories

    Raw materials and glass components

    Environmental issues in the glass production

    Archeological glass


    Company ICARIS Ltd.

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    Country    Czech Republic

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    Email        romana@icaris.cz

    Internet     http://www.icg2013prague.cz

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