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Glass Expo Istanbul 2012

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    Glass Expo Istanbul 2012
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    2012/3/1 to 2012/03/04
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    International Exhibitions
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    Exhibition Date: March 1–4, 2012      

    Exhibition City: Istanbul                 

    Venue: Tuyap Fair, Convention and Congress Center

    Exhibition Cycle: Every One Year

    Exhibition Type: International Exhibition



    Glass Expo Istanbul had successfully held 12 sessions. It attracted increasing number of visitors. It plays a very important role in Asia regions and North Africa. In this fair, there are many advanced and newest equipments, glass industry, architectural glass, various doors and windows, hardware etc. And it supplied the furniture manufacturers and mechanic distributors with a good platform of trading.


    Glass Expo Istanbul held on Tüyap’s exhibitions halls in a display area of 98,000 square meters with the participation of 545 firms and firm representatives from 21 different countries. Fairs visited by 42.559 professionals beat the records.


    Scope of Exhibits


    1.     Glass Products and Glass Applications
    - Flat Glass
    - Laminated Glass 
    - Tempered Glass 
    - Insulating and Heat Control Glass 
    - Automobile Glass
    - Furniture Glass 
    - Glass Panel Systems
    - Patterned Glass
    - Reflecting Glass
    - Fire Resistant Glass
    - Glass Mirror
    - Stained Glass
    - Frosted, Laminated, Float Glass 
    - Glass Blocks 
    - Hardened Safety Glass 
    - Radiation Protective Glass
    - Medical and Scientific Purpose Glass
    - Crystal and Hand Made Glass 
    - Laboratory Glass
    - Optical Glass 
    - Other Glasses Used at Home
    - Decorative Glass Objects and Architectural Glass Products
    - Bullet Proof Glass
    - Heated Glass
    - Glass Applications for Construction Sector
    - Mirrors and Glass Processing Furnishings
    - Heat and Noise Insulated Double Glazing Systems
    - Concave Glass 

    2. Glass Processing Machinery and Production Technology
    - Glass Processing Machinery
    - Glass Washing Machinery
    - Glass Cutting Machinery
    - Glass Sand Blasting Machinery 
    - Glass Tempering Machinery
    - Water Jet Machinery 
    - Glass Blowing Machinery 
    - Glass Ovens and Furnishings
    - Insulating Glass Machinery
    - Welding and Polishing Machinery 
    - Cutting and Packaging Machinery 
    - Forming and Bending Equipments 
    - Constructional Glass Handling and Assembly Equipments
    - Constructional Glass Processing and Recycling Technologies
    - Abrasion Equipments for Edges and Surfaces of Glass
    - Measurement, Test, Control and Finishing Technologies 
    - Running in, Bizote, Sand Blasting, Etching Processing Machines
    - Manual, Automatic and Computer Controlled Glass Manufacturing Machines
    - Insulating Glass Production Lines, Butyl, Thiokol Machines
    - Glass-Related Automation Systems Companies

    3. Auxiliary Products
    - Glass Insulation Materials
    - Sanding and Filing Products
    - Gasket, Screw, Dowel
    - Replacement and Spare Parts
    - Colored and Security Glass Films
    - Venetian and Blind Strips in Between Double Glazing
    - Glass Carrying Systems
    - Hair Cords
    - Computer Programs Related with Sales and Logistics of Glass

    4. Chemicals
    - Sealing and Adhesive Products
    - Double Glazing and Glass Manufacture Chemicals, Thiokol, Butil, Hotmelt, etc...”
    - Mastic, Adhesives and Other Chemicals
    - Glass Cleansing Chemicals and Equipments
    - Solar Energy and Transparent Heat Insulation 
    - Calcium Oxide 
    - Molecular Sieves  
    - Glass Fibre Manufacture
    - Semi Finished Products 
    - Glass Paints
    - Silicate Blocks 
    - Soda
    - Liquid Glass

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