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2007 China Glass Industry exhibition

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    2007 China Glass Industry exhibition
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    2007/5/16 to 2007/05/19
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    International Exhibitions
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    Shanghai, Shanghai
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     China Glass 2007

     Heaviest Event in Glass Field of Asia

    The China Glass is the only international glass exhibition sponsored and supported by all glass industry-related governmental departments and nationwide trade associations of China. It becomes a must exhibition already and brings a great success in glass industry for the 17 times after many fruitful shows. In 2006, the 17th event in Beijing was another grand gathering. Its area in total exceeded 35,000 square meters. There were 568 exhibitors coming from 24 countries and 234 of them were foreign exhibitors. 4 national exhibitor groups were present at the show. Our international & domestic direct mail and complimentary invitation campaigns and a wide spread and promotion program offered the exhibitors 30,330 professional visitors from 95 countries, including over 1,800 foreign attendees. Therefore, the China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition is the heaviest event in Asia and one of the largest glass exhibitions around the world. An extra excitement is that China Glass 2006 drew many exhibitors and visitors to take part in our series seminars and technical presentations at the show as well as Glass Processing Days China just before the show. Those simultaneity conferences upgrade the internationalization of China Glass for years.

    China Glass 2007 in Shanghai

    In 2007, the 18th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition will be held from May 16 to 19 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), where it is estimated many professional exhibitors and visitors will attend. There will be 4 halls to be available for China Glass 2007. Shanghai is chosen as the host of the World Expo 2010 and it, following Hong Kong, is developing into a great international metropolis in the Asia-Pacific region and is seeing rapid progress in its economy. Around Shanghai there will be many anxious end users, traders and distributors to be present at the show. At the same time our secretarial office will send by mail thousands of free brochures and entrance tickets to potential exhibitors and visitors who involve in machines manufacturers, products makers, engineering companies, end users, traders, agencies, distributors and research institutes at home and overseas. The SNIEC is situated within a short subway ride or a 8-minute –Transrapid Maglev ride from the International Airport, hotels, City Hall, the museum and shopping centers. The spring in Shanghai often is very nice and comfortable. In May, it has an average temperature 240C.

     Trade Chance and Situation of China Glass Industry

    Over the years the new construction of around 2 billion square meters was completed in China every year. The automobile industry was growing at a rate of over 20% per year. Both of them push China’s flat glass industry and processing glass segment to be sped up. In 2005, the output of flat glass was up to 387.37 million weight cases (19.37 million tons). Of this number, the float glass was 327.58 million weight cases (16.38 million tons). There are 146 float glass production lines in operation by now. As incomplete statistics, the insulated glass reaches 130 million square meters per year. The safety glass (tempered and laminated glass) is up to 110 million square meters per year. Although China glass industry has made big progress, there is still a large gap between China and advance countries abroad, including too much natural resources consumed, higher energy cost, relatively low technology and equipment level. That will allow foreign exhibitors more opportunities to discover trade or business activities in China sales territory. The China Glass 2007 will do its best to build up an interview environment at the show for exhibitors, end users, traders, agencies and distributors. As well it will be a large communication platform gathering the majority counterpart from all over the world.

    Ⅰ Various Glass Products and Application

    Architectural and decoration glass; Fenestration and hardware fittings; automobile glass and industrial glass; hollow glassware and glass containers; electric lighting glass and special glass.

    Instruments, Equipment and Computer Automatic Control Systems for Glass Production

    Batch weighing and mixing systems; Furnace charging, melting, homogenizing, combustion, boosting, bubbling system and related technology; color/flint glass forehearth and annealing lehrs and decorating lehrs etc; various forming and cold-end processing equipment including flat glass cutting machine, inspection system, the I.S. machine for variety bottles and the glassware forming machines including gob feeder, pressing, blowing, burn-off, crack-off, rim toughing and rim polishing machines; quality inspection system and measurement, transportation and automatic control systems for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products; environmental protection and multi-purpose utilization.

    III Equipment for Processing Glass

    Various pre-processing machines for flat/bending glass including cutting, grinding, beveling, polishing, drilling, engraving, washing/drying and auxiliary facilities and related tools; safe glass deep processing machines including tempering, laminating, decorating, coating, insulating, mirror-making, sand-blasting and processing of doors and windows.

    Special glass and Process Equipment

    TV glass; STN and TFT ultra thin glass substrate and their precision cutting and beveling machines; low-E coated glass and its online coating machine; Pattern glass and wired glass and rolling machine with a wired feeder; self-cleaning glass, antibacterial glass, fire-proof glass and related processing machines and technology.

    Refractories, Raw Materials and Subsidiary Materials

    Various high-grade refractories; various grinding, polishing, bounding, sealing, drying and coating materials; screen-printing material, paint, polymer, film; metals and precious metals, etc.

    How to Participate in Exhibition

    Any exhibitor should fill in Exhibition Space Application and Contract Form and submit it to the Beijing Zhonggui Exhibition Co., Ltd. Then booth(s) will be tentatively allocated according to the exhibitor's request of booth area and the booth sales situation. After the whole payment is made, the booth(s) can be fixed.


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