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5th Ukraine International Glass Expo / 8th Ukraine International Doors & Windows Expo

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    5th Ukraine International Glass Expo / 8th Ukraine International Doors & Windows Expo
  • Time

    2008/1/22 to 2008/01/25
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    International Exhibitions
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    Glass Items on displaying:
    1, Glass Manufacture and its equipments, glass products, doors & windows, raw material, substituted products, measure system, controlling technology.
    2, Glass Products and application: glass production equipments, processing machinery, raw materials, refractory material and accessories, glass instruments.
    3, Building and Decorative Glass, curtain wall, safety glass, fireproof glass, art glass, coated glass, tinted glass, and color-printed glass.
    4, mirror glass, glass brick, glass tiles, glass mosaic, tempered glass, mirror glass, glass furniture…etc.
    5, glass deep-processed glass, various processing machines such as cutting, grinding, drilling, tempering, heat-bending, spraying and cleaning machine.

    Items on Displaying:
    1, Windows: Steel Windows, Aluminum Windows, Wooden Windows, Steel-plastic Windows and various profiles;
    2, Doors: commercial doors, industrial doors, garage doors and home doors;
    3, Curtain Walls: Glass Curtain walls, Aluminum Curtain walls, Hardware, Curtain Wall Hardware, Electric Door-opening Tool…etc.
    4, Skylight and platfond;
    5, Various Processing, installation machines: Aluminum alloy, wooden or steel-plastic Glass…etc.
    6,Steel structures and accessories, shading and ventilation products;
    Page or curtain;
    7, Various structural adhesive, sealing products, cleaning supplies;

    Booth Setup: 12 sq m Standard Booth, (250 euro / sq m), including: one table, two chairs, two spotlights, Company Board, Carpet, one wastepaper basket.
    950 euros registration fee and 95 euros exhibition premiums;
    Note: It needs three months time to apply the Ukraine Commerce Invitation Process, please prepare in advance.
    Application deadline: October 1, 2007.

    Ukraine is provided with vast territory of 603,700 square kilometers area, which exceeds France and attributed to European Nation Group.
    Ukraine situated in the heart of Eastern Europe and radiated to Russia from east, to Turkey, Bulgaria, and Balkan peninsula from South, to Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia from West, to White Russia, Poland, Lithuania from North, it is the a giant nation with great potential for economy increasing.

    China has already  became one of largest trading partners of Ukraine, among the CIS countries, the imported products from China ranks third, and only second to Russia and Kazakhstan. As for the goods imported from China, consumer goods accounted for an enormous proportion. In Ukraine Building Material Market, the consumption of Doors & Windows Glass Products had constantly increasing.

    China Agent of Ukraine International Glass, Doors, Windows Expo:
    Heyi “Impression” Commerce (Beijing) Co., Ltd

    Contact Person: Mr. Li Dawei
    Tel:010-65025430   65857096   13910132523    
    E-mail: info@today-expo.com      www.today-expo.com

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