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The Fourth China International (Beijing) Glass Industry New Technology, Product & Equipment Exhibiti

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    The Fourth China International (Beijing) Glass Industry New Technology, Product & Equipment Exhibiti
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    2007/10/15 to 2007/10/17
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    International Exhibitions
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    Organized by:

    China Light Industry Machinery Association

    The Glass Subcommittee of China Light Industry Machinery Association

    Undertook by

    Beijing Century Jiaye Exhibition Co., Ltd.


    Review and analyses

    The 3rd China International Glass Industry Products and Equipment of New Technology Exhibition successfully held in Shanghai was well received among enterprises at home and abroad, industry associations and leagues. The fact that the number of exhibitors and exhibition area both increased by 30% indicates that the Exhibition is highly relevant. It now functions as an excellent platform for enterprises and research institutes to communicate and showcase new technologies and products.

    Global and national economic growth, especially soaring advances in glass-related industries have substantially contributed to huge demand for glass products. Besides, China’s consistent open strategy and elastic industry policies have courted a swarm of foreign investment which spurs domestic glass industry. Although global market competition is penetrating everywhere, China’s glass industry has been enjoying sustainable growth, generating prosperous product and sales markets. Given this trend, the 4th International Glass Industry New Technology Exhibition will be held in Beijing to push scientific progress and trade in this aspect.



    Exhibition schedule

    Registration and booth preparationOct.. 13-14 200708:30—17:00

    Open ceremony: Oct. 15 2007 (09:30)

    Exhibition and exchangingOct. 15-17 2007 0900—1630

    ClosingOct. 17 2007 16:00

    Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center


    Exhibition Content

    1.       Glass and glass products application

    (1)           Constructing and decorating glass, glass curtain wall, low radiation glass, heat rejection glass, safety glass, theft proof glass, bullet proof glass, heating insulting glass, sound proof glass (hollow/vacuum glass),intelligent glass, electrically-controlled glass, switchable glass, fire proof glass, coated glass, body tinted glass, constructing devitroceram ,coloring glass, color-printing glass, glazing glass, mirror glass, glass brick, glass tile, glass mosaic, glass furniture, toilet appliance, glass basin, etc.

    (2)           Energy-saving glass door/window and fittings: all kinds of hollow glass composed of glass and surface-processed glass, all kinds of energy-saving glass door/window made of various materials, moulds and fittings;

    (3)           Ironware tools: glass cutter, aiguille, circle cutter, glass pliers, T-cutter, driller, cutter wheel holders, spray gun nib;

    (4)           Industrial glass: glass used in vehicles, trains, airplanes and boats, frost proof glass, glare reducing glass, solar energy glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, medical and device glass, signal glass, organic glass, magnetized controlled glass, glass tube, etc.

    (5)           Electrical and electrical light glass : CRT(Cathode Ray Tube Display), glass substrate, high-efficient energy saving light, vehicle light and various decorating lights;

    (6)           Special glass: quartz glass, optical glass, optical fiberglass, heat insulating borosilicate glass, biological glass, radiation proof glass, devitroceram, laser glass, foam glass, glass beads, etc.

    (7)           Art and crafts glass;

    (8)           Daily used glassware: glass furniture, glass pots, bottles and vessels, etc.

    2.       Grinding and milling machines of deeply glass processing and glass product lines

    (1)           Various processing machines of cutting, edge-milling, drilling, frost carving, frost spraying, frost milling, acid washing and cleaning;

    (2)           Production equipment and corresponding autocontrol equipment of toughening, heat-curving, laminating, coating, insulating, static reducing, printing, door/window producing;

    (3)           Equipment for surface treatment(grinding and glazing) of glass

    (4)           Grind tools, cutters and other glass processing tools.

    3.       Glass processing technology and equipment, apparatus and testing devices, autocontrol system and matching systems

    (1)           Various equipment and systems of mining, mill running, compounding, mixing, measuring and feeding;

    (2)           Kiln design, glass fusion, equalization technology, feeds materials, annealing kiln, heat curving furnace, heat fusion furnace, baking furnace, feeding path and working pool, crucible and baking prints;

    (3)           Burning technology, burning device, spraying gun, muzzle, and other energy saving technologies and equipment;

    (4)           Molding machine: tin slot, beading machine, cortege machine, pressing machine, blow molding machine, tubing machine, glass drawing machine, moulds, etc.;

    (5)           Sorting machine, stowing machine, paper laying machine, packing machine, transporting and cold storage  equipment, etc.;

    (6)           Computers, autocontrol system and online supervising software and apparatus;

    (7)           Physical and chemical performance testing apparatus and device for raw materials, semi finished products and finished products;

    (8)           Various auto test and autocontrol system for processing glass

    (9)           Environmental protection and comprehensive facilities, etc.;

    (10)       Cleaning equipment for industrial gas and drainage water;

    (11)       Various functional robots; auto management system for factories and workshops.   

    4.       Raw materials, fire proof materials and other major and minor materials

    (1)           Various high grade fire proof materials; mineral raw materials and chemistry materials, etc;

    (2)           Various materials for glass surface treatment such as glazing, acid erosion, frosting and activation

    (3)           Various (high grade) glass functional film;

    (4)           Involved polymer, colophony, film, sealed glue, desiccant, lubricant, refrigerant, silver paste, uv-glue and adhesives, etc.;

    (5)           Involved metal and noble metal and their products, etc.;

    (6)           Various dopes, colorants and paints, etc.


    Audience sources

    1.       Municipal construction institutions, public utilities, quality inspection institutions, commercial groups and organizations including Chamber of Commerce, commercial associations, academies both at home and abroadestate development companies, estate agents, mills and mining enterprises, property management companies;

    2.       Scientific research institution: architectural and projects design institutes, academies of trading architectural design, construction, decoration and design, junior college and technical secondary school;

    3.       Trading merchants: imports & exports companies, equipment manufacturers, franchisers, agents, purchaser and supplier of raw materials in the glass industry;

    4.       Public audience: professional magazines, media, journalism, enterprises or public utility departments, banks, hotels, restaurants and so on.



    Main activities during exhibition period

    Technology Exchange Conference: Exhibitors are welcomed to hold technology exchange conference, products introduction meeting and trading talks during the exhibition period for subject symposia and technical communication. The host will work actively to assist in organizing the audience so as to create business opportunities.

    Booth and charges


    Nature of the Enterprise



    Joint Venture


    Booth/ exhibition period

    RMB 8,800/booth

    RMB 7,800/booth

    RMB 13,800/booth

    US$        2,800 /booth

    Open floor/ exhibition period

    RMB      900 /sq. m.

    RMB    800/sq. m.

    RMB     1,3800 /sq. m.

    US$        280 /sq. m.

    1           Standard exhibition booth 9sq.m (3m×3m):

    Disposition of exhibition position: exhibition site, three-side exhibition board (height: 2.5m), the production of lintel board, one reception table, two chairs, one 220V power outlet, two spotlights.

    2           Service Fee for Exhibitors: RMB 600 for each representative, including fancy souvenir, lunches during exhibition period, beverages, conference materials, exhibition certificates and service for booking the return tickets;

    3           Charge of Products Presentation and Trading Fair, Technology Exchange Meeting, Information Briefing: RMB 5000 per hour for each kind of above-mentioned activity. The organizers provide with the site and other facilities such as lamps, chairs, and boiled water as well as assisting the lecture given exhibitors in organizing the audience.

    4           Proceeding Publicizing: To send broadly the proceedings of this conference to the leaders of the directing, supervising and monitoring departments and the Construction Bureau. At the same time, the proceedings will be sent to the relevant users and buyers all over the country through the network of the hosts, co-organizers and supporters of this exhibition.


    Back cover

    Inside front cover 2

    Inside Back Cover 3

    Colored interleaf  

    Colored double-page spread

    Black-and-white interleaf

    RMB 18,000

    RMB 12,000

    RMB 8,000

    RMB 6,000

    RMB  5,000

    RMB  8,000

    RMB 3,000

    Visiting card: RMB 6000/10000 cards

    Entrance certificate: RMB 6000/10000 certificate

    Balloon: RMB 7,500/Exhibition period

    Inflated arch gate: RMB 3000/ day

    Note: Minimum order for invitation cards and entrance cards is 30000 (other advertising information are available upon request)


    Propaganda Planning

    1.             To call the major public and professional media to make news release;

    2.             To publicize both at home and abroad through the customer network built up during the previous exhibitions;

    3.             To print 500,000 entrance tickets and 300,000 invitations and send to customers both at home and abroad through the Organizing Committee.

    4.             To publicize through television, broadcasting, newspapers, professional magazines and websites.

    5.             To publicize on the famous exhibitions of same kinds both at home and abroad.

    6.             To publicize through the organization of foreign countries in China, including embassy, Chamber of Commerce, Associations and different kinds of trading organizations.


    Exhibition procedure

    (1) Exhibitors need fill an application form (contract) with official seal and send or fax it to the Organizing Committee. All of the exhibition fee should be remitted to the bank account appointed by the Organizing Committee at one time within 10 days after the application is confirmed in order to order and confirm the booth. Otherwise the ordered booth will not be reserved.

    (2) The booth and advertisement are arranged by the Organizing Committee and co-organizers are arranged with priority. The extra 30% fee is a must for a specified booth.

    (3) The copy of bank receipt should be faxed or sent to the Organizing Committee for check. The invoice will be issued by the exhibition financial group accordingly and sent out at the request of the exhibitors.

    (4) The exhibition reception, transportation of the exhibited products and the accommodation will be in Notice of Exhibition and Exhibiting Manual, which will be sent out 30 days before the opening of the exhibition.

    (5) Additional use of water, power and compressed air on the spot should submit applications  one month in advance.


    Exhibition services

    1. Help with the transportation and customs declaration of exhibits; provide the discounted accommodation, travel, and order for airline and train tickets in advance.

    2. Provide free visiting tickets for the exhibitors to invite the clients, and free advertisements in the journalism within 200 words.

    3. Company/companies using water, power and compressed air in the spot should submit applications one month in advance.

    Tel: 010-88680216/68603763
    Fax: 010-88680216
    E-mail: 88680216@163.com
    Contact:  Mr Chen Kun

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