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    VITRUM 2011
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    2011/10/26 to 2011/10/29
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    International Exhibitions
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    Name: VITRUM 2011

    Date: Oct. 26 th to Oct. 29, 2011

    Place: Milan International Exhibition Center

    Sponsor: Italy Glass Processing Machinery & Accessory Manufacturer Association

    Period: Be held every two years



    VITRUM is the second largest exhibition following Düsseldorf exhibition. From 2007, it added special area to display hollow glass products and made the gap of hollow glass. In 2009, it added “’Vitrum Energy” area. All these two exhibition areas are important display area.


    In 2009, it was held for four days, and attracted 479 countries, about 16922 visitors. Among of them there were about 6681 overseas visitors, which was increased by 1.46 than 2007. It was set four display areas in 2009. The exhibition area was 26373 square meters. 85.8 percent of exhibitors were manufacturers from Italy, Germany, China, UK, USA, Belgium, France, and Spain, etc.



    Glass machinery

    Tempered furnace, double line machine, beveling machine, edging machine, drilling machine, cleaning machine, drying machine, bulletproof glass cutting machine, auto-glass transportation machine, abrasive belt edging machine, continuous vacuum glass sealing machine, Intermittent bending furnace, vertical drilling machine, laminated glass vacuum box, laminated glass pressure vessel, laminated glass pre-heat & pre-press machine, vacuum glass pre-heat & pre-press machine, PVB film stretching machine,



    Container, bottle, flat glass, tinted glass, shade glass, thick glass panel, multi-layer glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, glass bricks, glass tile, glass tube, foam glass, glass fabric, decoration glass, glass furniture, mirror, LED glass, glass art crafts,



    Sticking Adhesives and sealants, film, glass polishing, display, frame, the polymers, resins, films, sealants, adhesives, metals and precious metals and related products, colorants and pigments,


    Glass processing equipments

    Cutting machine, edging machine, drilling machine, engraving, sandblasting, cleaning, tempering, hot bending, etc.


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