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The 10th International (Guangzhou) Building & Decoration Expo

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    The 10th International (Guangzhou) Building & Decoration Expo
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    2008/7/6 to 2008/07/09
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    International Exhibitions
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    The 10th International (Guangzhou) Building & Decoration Expo will continuously hold on July 6th –9th, 2008. The exhibition booth will be set up more than 7,000 enterprises, and it is expected that more than 2,300 exhibitors.

    The Exhibition will continuously implement the “Overall Decoration” comprehensive development strategy, on the base of the analysis and assessment about the 9th Exhibition, will intensify the effort to attract internationally renowned brands sanitary and domestic exhibitors bathroom brand enterprises, enhance metal, doors / windows and glass types of participating enterprises and professional brand effect.

    The professional exhibition will divide according to the related products usage, with more professional and reasonable setting. On the base of last exhibition ‘s significant investment effectiveness, to enhance professional media cooperation and international promotion, and also to invite more and more professional audiences and overseas purchasers.

    Hosted by: China Foreign Trade Center, China Building and Decoration Association
    Undertaken by: China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Boya Exhibition Development Co., Ltd
    Date: July 6 – 9, 2008
    Site: No.380, Yuejiang Central Rd, Guangzhou City, China Export Trade Fair Bazhou Hall

    Exhibition Scope:
    Bathroom / kitchen:
    Overall bathroom, bathtub, shower bath, WC Pan, bathroom hardware, basin, bathroom mirror, swimming facilities, water heaters, heating devices, bathroom cabinets, closets, cabinets, kitchen cookers, washing sink, mop pool, the kitchen-hanging.

    Architectural Decorative Hardware: decorative hardware (locks, handle), Iron products, metal parts, metal tools, metal mold, metal casting.

    Automatic doors and hardware control: All types of automatic doors, door hardware control systems and accessories, electronic door lock systems doors, windows a…
    Wooden Door, Plastic and steel/aluminum alloy doors and windows.

    Building-decorative glass /Art glass, glass products, Ceiling, curtain wall, wallpaper, interior decoration.

    Ceiling, wallpapers, aluminum / stereotype / point / modules / metal walls, curtain wall accessories and processing equipment, solar panels, gypsum products, steel structure.
    Coating, chemical building material:
    Wall / waterproof / floor coatings, coating additives, paint packaging materials; Powder mortar; binders, additives, chemicals, construction adhesive, tape, sealant, rustproof materials, waterproof material, waterproof additives, leak prevention materials, waterproof technology and related equipment;
    Brushing appliances, ceramics, stone pavilion: ceramics, stone (granite, marble, slate, sandstone, quartz stones, gravel, artificial stone, etc.) stone and stone products, special-shaped stone, stone production equipment, gardening culture stone stairs galleries: wooden staircases, escalators and other related accessories.

    Booth Fees:
    Standard booth: RMB 8,300.00/booth
    Open Space: RMB 900/ Sq m
    1, Standard booth: 3m * 3m, including one Chinese and English Board, 3 boarding, 1 table, 2 fluorescent tubes, 1 220 volt socket outlet (limited to 750 watts of electricity-lighting)
    2, Open Space: rent from 36 sq m; no provide for any settings. Open space fees include construction management fees.
    Advertising Journals:
    Covers  Back–cover  Cover Ⅰ  CoverⅡ  Cover Ⅲ 
    Pages price (RMB yuan) 35000 25000 15000 16000 8000
    Note: Journal 142mm X210mm, Color separation required by the film exhibitors to provide to the contractor;
    Journal advertisements with color separation films will not be refunded. Please keep it for remains. All the advertisement costs should pay off with applications to the organized committee.
    Color separation submits to the organized unit before April 30, 2008.
    1, Exhibitors make sure the exhibition area, and fill in the application or the return receipt, under the official seal and return or fax the exhibition application / return receipt to the contractor.

    2, After the approve of contractor, then stamp the seal and submit the exhibition confirm table.

    3,The two sides signed the return receipt and exhibition confirm table, the exhibitor should pay off 50% of exhibition fee as deposit within five working days; otherwise the organizer will not retain the booth. Booth fees should pay off before 60 days of the opening ceremony to the organizer. Otherwise, the contractor has right to change and deal with the exhibition booth.

    Arranging Principles and exhibition Notes:
    1, “First book, first get”, and the arranging priority to the large booth and VIP Exhibitors.
    2,Exhibitor cannot transferred the booth without the approval of Contractors.
    3, Prohibit the fake and shoddy products on display and commodities violations activity of exhibitors
    4. Expo exhibitors displayed goods and scopes are inconsistent, contractors keep the right to prohibit the display and confiscate the non-refundable fee.


    Assistant Service funded by the exhibitors
    Free Service:
    Items Transportation
    Organized and invited the professional audiences
    Preferential Hotel Service
    “Exhibitors Handbook”
    Contractors of booth decoration
    “Exhibition Information”
    Hiring translators and service personnel
    Related Cards
    Hiring additional Technical arrangements for exchange
    Journal of Business Directory booth for electricity
    Exhibition cleaning work
    Journal published advertisements, vouchers advertising.

    Please Contact:

    Address: Floor 2, East Stair (Liwan Industry and Trade Park) No40, Zhou Men Northern Rd, Liwan District, Guangzhou City
    Zip Code :510170
    Tel :86-20-61271555
    Fax:  86-20-61271666
    Contact Person: Dong Zhong ping
    Cell phone:13719491238

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