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Glass World 2012

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    Glass World 2012
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    2012/5/3 to 2012/05/05
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    International Exhibitions
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    Glass World 2012 is one of the leading exhibitions held on the glass industry. The tradeshow will showcase the latest in glass products, services, solutions and technologies, and provide a review of current and future trends pertaining to the glass industry. The international exhibition will be held at the Cairo International Convention Centre, Cairo, Egypt from May 3 – 5, 2012. It is being organized by Nile Trade Fairs.

    Exhibit Profiles

    1)Glass products: Float Glass, Flat Glass, Lead Glass (Crystal), Etched Glass, Fire-resistant Glass, Pattern Glass, Photovoltaic Glass, Solar Control Glass, Wired, Non-wired Glass, Hollow Glass, Insulation Glass, Mirrors, Stained Glass, Colored Glass, etc.

    2)Construction Glass: Windows Glass, Reflective Glass, K-glass & E-glass, Laminated Glass, Furniture Glass, Bend & Low-emission Glass, Glass Blocks

    3)Architecture Glass: Stained Glass, Crystal & Handmade Glass, Furniture Glass, Glass Paints

    4)Glass Machines & Equipment: Glass Containers Machines, Glass Moulds, Equipments of mirrors treatment and glass furniture, Vacuum Coating Equipment, Thermal Printing Equipment, Drying & Decorating Equipments, Coating Equipments, Edging Machines, Beveling & Drilling Machines, Machinery for insulting glass, etc.

    5)Medical & Scientific Purposes Glass: Pharmaceutical Products & Ampouls, Optical Glass, Laboratory Glass

    6)Glass Production Raw Materials: Soda Ash, Silicate Blocks, Calcium Oxide, Aluminum, Liquid Glass, Semi-finished Products, Sealants and Adhesives, Molecular Sieves


    Visitors Profile

    ---Glass Manufacturers

    ---Distributors & Suppliers of Glass Machinery and Parts

    ---Automobile Manufacturers

    ---Automobile Component Distributors

    ---Architects and Interior Designers

    ---Window & Facade Installers

    ---Developers, Contractors

    ---Planners Property developers


    ---Mechanical Engineering

    ---Corporate, Hotels, Institutional buyers

    ---Importers and Exporters, Distributors

    ---International buyer delegations

    ---Public, Interior Decorators

    ---Food / beverage manufacturing

    ---Medical & Pharmaceutical manufacturers

    ---Household Manufacturers

    ---Furniture Manufacturers

    ---Agents, Buyers, End Users

    ---Dealer, Engineer, Facility Manager

    ---Manufacturer/Representative, Office Managers


    Contact Information

    Venue: Cairo International Convention Centre

    City : Cairo

    Country: Egypt

    Period: 03/05/2012 To 05/05/2012

    Organizer Name: Nile Trade Fairs

    Telephone: +202-267-12287

    Website: www.nilefairs.com



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